Add job allocation to your existing GPS tracking system

If you work in maintenance & repair and already have a GPS tracking system for your mobile workforce, however want to add job allocation and task management solutions, you can do so easily with mobile apps and job allocation solutions.

How can you add mobile apps and job allocation solutions to your GPS tracking system?

1. Select the job allocation functionality you require for your mobile workforce

This falls into 2 areas.  Firstly select the system functionality, then the hardware required to support your business.  Working with you we can help you determine and give you ideas on the system functionality such as:

  • Receiving job orders and work tasks
  • Allocating one or multiple jobs/tasks to the most appropriate worker or teams e.g. based on proximity or skill set
  • Re-allocating jobs once allocated where required
  • Completing initial site surveys and assessments
  • Filling in risk assessment and health and safety forms
  • Managing, ordering, barcode scanning, consuming and recording of mobile stock
  • Taking pictures of work
  • Signing for completed jobs and capturing GPS information to show where and when work was started and completed

In the second area we can advise and provide many different types of hardware from:

  • Mobile phones
  • Smart phones, PDAs and EDAs
  • Digital pens
  • Other market leading data capture devices
  • Voice & data packages and tariffs

2. Agree the back end office functionality you need

This includes website, software and databases so for example you’ll be able to:

  • Link GPS vehicle data with job allocation data & show on a map via our secure backend systems
  • View outstanding work orders and  jobs including their allocation
  • Search for vehicles and drivers using GPS maps then assign or re-assign jobs
  • Order stock based on mobile workforce requests
  • Create new jobs based on mobile workforce assessments e.g. create maintenance tasks linked with initial site assessments
  • See completed work tasks, time and expense information, signatures, GPS data and pictures for completed work
  • View tailored KPI data

3. Determine system integration requirements with your own and 3rd party systems

This can be with range of systems including:

  • Order, payment & finance systems
  • Stock control
  • Customer systems for payment

4. Discuss the best finance packages

There are a range of payment options from monthly invoicing through to leasing and creative mobile phone deals.

5. Understand migrating from current to new solutions

You can be up and running quickly however you’ll also want to know about:

  • How quick we can mobilise & deliver?
  • Training for your team?
  • How to manage changes to business practices?
  • Can the return on investment be measured?
  • What are the management information improvement benefits?
  • How can you better present yourself to internal and external customers using the new technology?

All this information and business analysis can be understood before starting with the project.