Disruptive barcode scanning

Juniper Innovations anti-tampering labels3The barcode, taken for granted by both shoppers and supply chain analysts and for years threatened by emerging technologies, could be about to turn the world of high street retailing and distribution upside down.

ShopSavvy licences out barcode technology through a software development kit.  Aimed at Android and iOS it has enabled the development of mobile phone apps allowing consumers to scan product barcodes, then immediately find lower prices nearby or online.  With the incentive of nearby stores offering better prices and home deliveries to make shopping easier, plus the increasing ability of supply chains to cope with both B2B and B2C distribution, the barcode could become a disruptive technology.

The powerful combination of savvy shoppers, smart phones, barcodes, wireless communication packages and the internet isn’t being taken lightly either.  You only have to look at some of the companies already using the technology to know it is being taken seriously.  Brands such as PriceGrabber, Walmart, Gold’s Gym and Ford are all involved.

Even Juniper Innovations are in on the act – working with ESCI on NFC technology allowing consumers to do in store product comparisons.  In this case to consider carbon footprints rather than prices alone.

Comparing products in an instant around the globe, in a complex retail world is a very powerful idea.