Juniper Innovations Advocates The Benefits Of Bespoke GPS Tracking Solutions

Juniper_Innovations_GPS_maps_2GPS tracking does not have to be a one size fits all solution.  With the need to have covert, smaller or more powerful tracking units, organisations now have technology that can be moulded around their business requirements and unique needs.  As a result we have launched a consultancy service delivering bespoke GPS tracking units to clients.

Whilst off the shelf tracking solutions can provide excellent solutions for standard commercial vehicle, car, plant equipment and assets, there are occasions when these products are less than fit for purpose.  Examples include requirements for:

  • IP rated solutions
  • Size, shape and dimensions of the GPS device
  • Covert and concealed technology to be hidden within the asset or vehicle
  • Ways to improve the length of standalone battery life between charges
  • Tailored firmware to improve management information such as the type, regularity and timeliness of data to suit the needs of individual businesses
  • Enabling tracking in hard to reach places such as indoor or remote geographical locations
  • Pricing requirements based on data usage and volume purchases
  • Customised front end websites and backend software integration so tracking data and report information is aligned with other business systems and internal key performance indicators

As a result, some organisations require a more flexible approach to cope with their specialised needs.  Or realise that specialised requirements add more value to their business.  Consequently they see the need to have tracking hardware that gives a better fit for their organisation.

GPS tracking does not have to be a one size fits all approach.

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