Application and website development

Through software and website technology development, Juniper Innovations have enabled businesses to improve performance, create a total quality culture, and enhance operational process compliance.

We see operational quality improvement and process adherence as a single challenge and we fundamentally believe that the only way to deliver what is required by the business and demanded by customers and regulatory bodies, is to engage the broader population of the business and give them systems to help enable them to continuously improve quality, speed and efficiency. A quality approach delivered by system design that focuses on operational and system processes is key to delivering cost effective quality and process adherence. This focus needs to include risk and knowledge management; to enable lean governance of processes and empower the distributed community to ensure quality at source and to focus on the most significant issues threatening both operational quality improvement and process adherence.

The process focus during system design and development also meets the ever increasingly demand of the business for a leaner operational approach to quality and process adherence management.  An incremental change for instance is unlikely to deliver the required result.

Key, in addition to robust and efficient risk and knowledge management, is understanding which processes must be consistent throughout the organisation and the structured engagement of a much broader population.

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